Business Assistance: NPDES Permits

If you need help completing the NPDES/SB205 form to obtain your business license

  • Review this page for help, OR
  • Email for help. Include in the email:
    • The City in which you are applying for a business license
    • A brief description of the help you need. For example, do you need assistance determining your SIC? Or do you have questions about the NPDES Industrial General Permit?


Industrial businesses operating in California require coverage under the State Water Resources Control Board's General NPDES Permit for Industrial Activities exposed to Stormwater (IGP). The purpose of the IGP is to ensure that industrial pollution is not washed out to waterways during storm events.

Starting in 2020, when applying for or renewing a business license, state law requires businesses to identify their primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code(s). Businesses with industrial SICs must provide proof of coverage--or non-applicability--under the IGP. Some cities may offer a provisional license for 3 months, to allow the industrial business to obtain IGP coverage.


What is a SIC code?

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is a 4 digit number that classifies your business operations by their type of industry.

How can I find out my business’ SIC code?

Do I have an industrial SIC code?

If your SIC code falls under the following:

  • 0211 to 0214, 0241, 0251 to 0259, 0272
  • 1011 to 1499
  • 2011 to 4581, 4911, 4952, 4953, 5015, 5093, 5717

What do I do if I have an industrial SIC code?

If your SIC code falls under the industrial category you will need to obtain a NPDES Industrial General Permit (IGP).

How do I obtain a NPDES IGP?

What if my SIC code is not industrial?

If your business' SIC code does not fall in the category of Industrial, then you do not need to obtain an NPDES IGP.